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Trailer Hitch Installation

Trailer Hitch Installation

Do you need a new trailer hitch? Perhaps you have a vehicle hitch but don’t know where to begin to install it. At Country Roads Tire & Auto, we carry top of the line trailer hitches and towing equipment products to make towing a breeze, no matter what kind of trailer you have. We proudly service customers in Martinsburg, WV, Hedgesville, WV, Hagerstown, MD, and other surrounding areas.

How to Purchase the Right Trailer Hitch

There are important factors to consider when purchasing a new trailer hitch, such as:

  • The total weight of your trailer under fully-loaded conditions.
  • Other vehicle modifications that may need to be made in order to install your trailer hitch.
  • The type of trailer you have and the vehicle with which you are towing the trailer.

By the end of your search, our technicians will make sure you’ve covered all bases before making a decision.

Trailer Hitches in Martinsburg, WV

At Country Roads Tire & Auto, we make sure you are fully knowledgeable before purchasing and having a truck hitch installed. Safety is important and we make sure your tow hitch is the best possible, safest choice.

Our professionals will answer all of your questions to ensure you’re getting the right trailer for your vehicle and towing needs. We will find the right tow hitch and perform proper hitch installation so you have no worries while towing.

Towing is no small endeavor, and neither is purchasing and installing the right trailer hitch. We carry top of the line tow hitches and take the time to install them properly. When you’re ready for your next trailer hitch, give us a call!

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