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Commercial Truck Alignment in Martinsburg, WV

Commercial Truck Tires in Martinsburg and Hedgesville, WV

Analysts have found that the two biggest operating expenses of any commercial hauling operation are fuel and tires. It’s not a big surprise -- commercial truck tires have to hold up to some pretty serious use (and sometimes abuse). They have to keep rolling on long days, long hauls, heavy loads, and every kind of weather condition you can imagine. That means commercial truck tires have to be designed and constructed much more robustly than passenger car or light truck/SUV tires, with different internal design, different tread patterns, deep treads for long service life and many other engineering and construction features that differ greatly from everyday tires.

How Are Commercial Truck Tires So Different?

  • Commercial tires have to resist heat buildup, since they handle heavy loads and excessive heat is the enemy of tire service life
  • Commercial tires aren’t engineered to the same speed ratings as passenger tires
  • Commercial tires are designed for load ratings that even the toughest light-truck tires could never handle
  • Commercial tires have to deliver traction and performance in all weather conditions
  • Commercial tires feature more robust layers of steel and fabric plies internally
  • Commercial tires are designed with harder, tougher tread formulations for long service life -- this often equates to a rougher, less forgiving ride as well

More and more operators are turning to Country Roads Tire & Auto for their commercial truck tires in Martinsburg and Hedgesville, WV and surrounding areas. If you’re looking for commercial tires for company vans, box trucks, bobtails, 18-wheelers or buses, come to us, where our advisors can point you in the right direction for your tire needs, with top brands and service after the sale. Whether your operations are on a local, regional, urban or interstate level, we can gladly get you the tires you need, with reliable, professional service.

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